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Chris Wendel has over 30 years experience leading creative teams in the design and development of exciting, results driven marketing environments and tradeshows for clients such as: Hewlett/Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Bloomberg LP, Kodak, Volkswagen United States, Audi North America, Janssen Pharmacutica, Novo Nordisk and Bank of America to name just a few.

Chris Wendel has received international acclaim for his product design and innovation including:

  • IF Award, Industrie Forum Design. Hannover, Germany
  • Best New Product of Show, Exhibitor Show, Exhibitor Magazine
  • IDEA Award, Industrial Designers Society of America & Business Week
  • (5) Design Excellence Awards, Exhibitor Magazine
  • Outstanding, International Design Award - HOW
  •  Best In-Line Exhibit, Portable/Modular Awards, Exhibitor Magazine

Chris Wendel is the holder of numerous US & Foreign patents for his design innovations.